How Important Is Color Choice?

By Dave Welch • May 12th, 2010

Summit White, Imperial Blue, Salsa Red Pearl … the list goes on and on.

Picking a car color can be fun or it can be a challenge. Some people stick with the same color each time they purchase an auto. Others strive to get something different than what they’ve had before. Generally, car color choice is based on personal preference and most people aren’t thinking about the future sale or trade-in.

Yet, the color you select today will have an impact on the future resale value. Is this really going to stop someone from selecting the hottest fad color today? Probably not, but it’s worth thinking about if you’re considering buying a new or used vehicle.

In my opinion, nothing compares to a brand new black vehicle, shining to a mirror finish. The problem, though, is black autos show more abrasions, scratches, and dirt than just about any other color, which will appear over time with normal wear and tear. This will surely have an impact on the amount of time and maintenance needed to keep that brand-new look and the vehicle’s resale price.

Metallic colors also look very appealing. Unfortunately, if you have even a minor mishap and body damage, it’s very hard to match the original manufacturer’s paint job. Metallic paint finishes are more expensive to apply, which adds more cost to any repairs. Ask your insurance company if there is a higher premium for metallic colored cars.

Wondering which colors are the most popular? The answers are white and silver. Although boring to some, you’ll likely see a positive impact on the bottom line when it’s time to sell. White and silver autos show nicely over time and hide their blemishes well.

So, let’s drive this article home — be aware your auto’s resale value could increase by $500 or more simply based on the color choice alone.

The choice is yours!

What are your thoughts about picking a car color? Will maintenance or resale value make a difference to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


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