Auto Action Fleet Services is a vehicle advisor and broker service for individuals and small businesses.

Our model is based on providing a professional and personalized vehicle procurement service that can save you money and valuable time.

We have access to a broad vehicle pool – of cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans – through nationwide auctions and suppliers. Through our strong network of vehicle resources, we can purchase most brands, makes and models without adding the typical dealer markup and overhead expenses to your cost.

By using Auto Action Fleet Services, you will eliminate the typical anxiety and hassles associated with searching for the vehicle you want and negotiating the purchase.

For you, the process is simple. We discuss your vehicle needs. You determine the type of vehicle you want including year, make, model, color and options. Then, you can relax while I locate appropriate vehicle options for you. When feasible, the vehicle you select will be delivered to you.

Let our vehicle expertise and professional service make your next vehicle purchase a truly pleasant experience.

Your satisfaction is the key to our success. Vehicle Advisor and Broker Service

No haggling. No hassles. No problem.

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