As vehicle broker, we act as an agent for you. We have designed our vehicle purchase and customer service process to be simple for you.

Here’s how the Auto Action Fleet Services process works:

STEP 1: Auto Action Fleet Services consults with you to determine what type of vehicle you want.

  • Make and model
  • Desired options and features
  • Preferred color

STEP 2: Secure financing

  • We can arrange pre-financing approval with one of the financial institutions with which we have working relationships, or
  • You can obtain financing on your own

STEP 3: Auto Action Fleet Services goes to work to locate appropriate vehicle matches.

STEP 4: We stay in constant contact with you on the results of the search.Motor Vehicle Buying Process Consultant

STEP 5: Once the right vehicle is located, we manage the purchase details with the seller.

STEP 6: The new vehicle is delivered to you!

Contact us today to discuss how we can get the process rolling for you.

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