Sell Yourself on Selling Your Car!

By Dave Welch • May 19th, 2010

Have you been thinking about selling your car or SUV instead of trading it at a dealer but wonder if this will cost you unnecessary time or money?

Maybe it’s not as hard as you might think. First, think close to home, literally. Neighbors are a great prospect. If you’ve taken good care of your vehicle, they’ve probably already noticed and it might be a very easy sale. Extended family and friends are also excellent prospects, and with social media tools keeping people connected better than ever, that cousin you don’t actually see very often might be your future buyer.

Now that you’ve warmed to the idea of selling on your own, here are some tips to help keep the wheels in motion:

  • Determine a price. Take into consideration the condition, mileage, and convenience options  (i.e., sunroof, navigation system, upgraded stereo system). There are many ways to determine the value. You can look in the local paper to see what others are asking for the same type of vehicle, or visit, which will guide you to determining a sales price.
  • Get the vehicle prepped and ready to be shown. This includes making sure the oil has been changed recently, your tires are in good shape, and an ole’ fashioned scrubbing inside and out. A final coat of spray and wipe wax and a little fresh tire glaze and your car will be ready to show!
  • Take photos – inside and out — with a digital camera.
  • Let friends and family know your vehicle is for sale, or place your ads. There are many options – craigslist, dedicated car sale websites, and some people still like their local newspaper classifieds.

You’re almost done now, but take a few minutes to also get all of your vehicle-related paperwork in order for any prospective buyer to see. Any future buyers will welcome a well-maintained vehicle with proof of work completed.

There are many avenues to promote your vehicle, and selling it on your own may be to your advantage. In fact, some are even free or low cost — and that perfect buyer may be easier to find than you think.

Good Luck!


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