Style for Every Season

By Dave Welch • November 2nd, 2010

The weather and leaves are changing, and with a new season comes new styles and car models. But one thing that is always in style is saving money! Who wants to spend more than they need to on anything – even a car? The answer should definitely be no one! On that note, have you considered getting pre-approved for an auto loan?

If you thought pre-approvals were only for a home purchase, think again. A pre-approved auto loan is a trend that helps you save time when you find the car you want to buy. Plus, it will help ensure you are not pursuing a price range or vehicle that you cannot really afford.Auto Action Fleet Services Offers Service & Tips to Save You Money

How about another tip? Know your credit score before you call your financial institution. In most cases, credit scores of 720 or better will put you in a preferred class. The better your score, the better the interest rate and, consequently, the lower your payment will be.

Saving money never gets old. Follow these steps to keep more money in your pockets, and call upon Auto Action Fleet Services to help you save time, hassles, and even more money!


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